Training for Individual Transformation Process

Dance, trance,
Power animals,
Connection with the forces of nature,
Percussions & ethnic music,
Jungian archetypes,
Initiative rituals,
Rites of passage,
Community celebrations,
Biodanza, Games and Festivities ....

Evolution or transformation ?

A lot of people often complain that even though their (psycho) therapeutic journey had helped them, it hadn’t profoundly changed their life nor brought the expected happiness hoped for. These people are generally okay with talking about evolution, but not real transformation.

What is missing and prevents transformation from happening ?

Extract from J’ai dansé avec mon ombre» éd. Souffle d’Or:

«//...Marie and I took an incredible journey to unstick our feet from the sludge into which our souls had landed purifying ourselves along the way. We did the rounds of western classic psychotherapy, we experimented with psychocorporal approaches, theatre therapy, art therapy, singing, painting, Biodanza…..
Then we travelled towards other cultures, participated in sacred dancing, trance, contact with the Entities ; we developed shamanic mediumnity, learned to master the transfer of energy, penetrated the universe of the Babalorixas, of Sangomas…

Throughout all of these journeys a different way of approaching physical, psychological and spiritual health developed in us...//...

…// individual’s health passes through a deep connection to his animal dimension and his instincts, through his human dimension and his affectivity, and through his spiritual dimension and relation to Spirit.
Basically, in order to guarantee one’s good health, it is necessary to reconnect to one’s instincts, to free oneself of buried emotions and to give oneself over to Spirit.»

As for the dimension of instinct, revisiting all of the complicated and complex things that we were taught (or let ourselves believe) about health or well-being, we have been able to take from all of this some very simple principles, simplistic even, accessible to everyone, which guarantee a high level of health, naturally. No learning is necessary for these principles since we are born with an organism that spontaneously behaves in an appropriate manner until we censure its reactions.

Indeed, many observers have noticed that the only animals that suffer from neurosis are those that come into contact with humans - the others conserve healthy behaviours during their lives, without necessarily having consulted Freud, Lacan, Erikson, Jung, Bateson, Spitz, Reich,….

Peter Levine, in his book « Waking the Tiger – curing trauma » closely details the instinctive process that allows animals to avoid trauma. He states :

«In humans, contrary to animals who don’t possess a very developed neo-cortex hindering the return of normal functioning, trauma survives because an instinctual cycle has been initiated that wasn’t allowed to be completed.»

When the neo-cortex takes the upper hand over the instinctual responses that would normally complete this cycle, we become traumatized.

In his preface of this same book written by Peter Levine, Boris Cyrulnik attributes the following proposition to Freud :

«The energy created by the trauma must be let out by actions that produce gestures, images and words.»

What is true of trauma (in the dramatic sense of the word) is also true of all neurotic reactions. And in my consultations, this is exactly what is all about : thanks to shamanic mediumnity, I can pinpoint the cycles that haven’t come full circle and where the energy is stuck, and using movement, relaunch the process in such a way that the person will live the cycle to its fruition and free the imprisoned energy stuck in the body.

As for the affective dimension, we have come to the conclusion that what habitually unites people isn’t love, but neurotic projections. What makes our hearts beat wildly is above all our great surges of romantic neurosis, when we notice the other as an ideal being with whom all of our problems will disappear. Unfortunately, a large part of humanity miserably confuses love and neurotic affective dependence with each other.

For us, love means having the courage to recognize that the other is just a mirror and that the origin of all of the annoyances experienced in the relationship resides in our own inner chaos. Love means accepting that the only power that is mine is the one that allows me to transform my experience in relationship with the other ; it means confronting my shadow with humility ; it means refraining from all judgement towards the other facing instead my own sadness, my own wounds that condition the subjectivity of my perception of reality and thus, the other ; it means accepting the responsibility of who I am, of what I am, of how I am, without giving others an earful of my miseries, without making him/her bear the weight of my burden.

When each person in a relationship reacts in such a way, confidence, security, respect and admiration are born. As long as we have wounds to heal, we will remain human. As long as we remain human, love will always escape us (a little, a lot,..) losing out to neurosis. But consciously, we can approach love little by little every day in order to get closer to it.

As for the spiritual dimension, we have experienced that all healing (physical and psychological) in the visible world or the world of matter, can only be complete if it happens in the invisible world, as well, the one of Spirit. And so, only rituals are effective in integrating with the invisible world.

Worrying only about the physical aspect of a sick being is clearly insufficient. Even though western medicine doesn’t adhere to it systematically, a psychological approach is becoming more and more integrated into the process of healing. This is a first step.

The spiritual dimension remains and it is what we are cruelly missing from our lives.

Carl Gustav Jung, in his work “The Discovery of Man’s Soul” emphasises the incontestable spiritual dimension needed in order to guarantee health:

«Indeed, general spiritual representations are an indispensable constructive element of psychic life; they are found in those people who liberated consciousness. This is why their partial absence or even occasional negation among civilized people must be considered as a sign of degeneration…//…We know today ( ) that spiritually conditioned metamorphic operations exists in the soul which are amongst others at the basis of well known initiations in the psychology of primitive people…//… The majority of neurosis is due to a disturbance of this process....//...»

In our western culture, there are still some ritual practices but they have lost connection to the essence: they have been emptied of their substance because only the exterior form is being presented to us. The cosmic dimension of ritual is born of sacred experience (personal and different for each of us), and not adhering to (collective) beliefs.

Who really knows the true meaning of the catholic rite of communion? And what is the present day effectiveness of this rite ? A large part of our difficulties and our neurosis is linked to the disappearance of rituals, rites of passage that used to keep us connected to the Mystery of Life – essential nourishment for the soul. Rites of passage are what keep men and women, for example, from having adult identity crises which can last one’s lifetime, when this need is instantly nourished by a deep recognition and unparalleled change of status upon celebrating a sacred rite with the whole community in archaic tradition.

Living your humanity fully with a spiritual dimension

Shamanism, present among all peoples of the Earth, goes back to 30,000 years ago. It is, thus, one of the oldest spiritual legacies of humanity. Traditional societies knew how to preserve its teaching based on observation of nature and of all that exists on Earth (human beings, the animal, plant and mineral world). All primitive people are conscious of the fact that we are inter-related with all that exists. Western and Asian societies have, on the other hand, developed a very intellectual approach of spirituality. Modern civilisation has brought us further away from and disconnected us from our link with all that lives. Today, shamanism is resurfacing after having been ignored for two thousand years on our continent.

Consciousness is growing and those searching for well-being, nature and reconnection to their roots are rediscovering shamanism. Besides the interest that it presents on the spiritual level, shamanism offers us a radically different view of physical, psychological and spiritual health, linked to the free and fluid circulation of Life energy of which the universe is made.

After a serious skiing accident that bought him to paralysis, Philippe Lenaif began an initial process of recovering his health that he discovered in a completely different way, as he describes in his book, « Naissance d’un Chaman ». (Here is an excerpt):

«In the long term, crisp and stagnant energy leads to sickness whether it be physical, psychological or spiritual. The cure comes from moving again: there is a need to dissolve the crystallized energy and permit it once more to circulate with fluidity.»

Shamanism versus psychotherapy
An excerpt from an interview with Philippe Lenaif in the Aksanti journal – 03/2006

«...//...Let’s look at an example :

You are young, you are taken away and dreaming about meeting up with your best friend for a relaxing and fun time, lost in your thoughts, when you are suddenly violently attacked by a dog. Many years after, the shock having been particularly traumatic, you may have blocked this event - the attack of the dog- and all that’s left is one belief: being lost in your daydreams is dangerous. You are, therefore, never going to dream again, be creative and without worry in your life.

If the event was so traumatic as to have been blocked and obliterated from your mind, it’s because some of your emotions weren’t able to be freed at the time and find themselves blocked, crystallized in your body somewhere. If, at the time, you failed in expressing these emotions which would have dissipated the energy, there is no reason to believe that you could do better at present. Unconsciously, you are going to do everything to avoid going back to that point in time and so will play cat and mouse with your therapist to avoid what brought you there. Moreover, even if your psychotherapy is a success and you rehabilitate your right to dream again, it’s not because of this that the crystallized energy of your suppressed emotions will be dissipated. Thus, you may think that everything is okay, and despite this feel like « something is just not right ».

In a consultation, energetically reading your body (this is done in a modified state of consciousness in a shamanic trance), the story of all that you suppress is going to be told to me. I am going to stumble upon your traumatic dog event and, in reliving the memory, bring the emotion up again and invite you to liberate it. Once this is done, not only will your fear of dogs « without reason » (apparent) will disappear, you will begin to start dreaming again as you did before the traumatic event…//…

…//…a system of beliefs does not have a concrete existence. It’s something abstract and subjective (but it can actually poison your existence.) This is especially seen following difficult moments in life where the first incident is a repression of the emotion. At the same time that the emotions are suppressed, it is given a meaning, a value to the event that leads to one or two beliefs.

Working on a belief system is to attempt to repair very far away from the root causes, it’s renovating an edifice whose problems lie in its foundation

Liberating blocked emotions is like taking out the foundation: the limiting beliefs of the edifice disappear by themselves while the energy dissipates. The patient is surprised when soon after s/he has spontaneous and light behaviour that are the reflection of his/her potentials before the traumatic even took place. This is extremely natural and ecological.

What is the difference between my psychotherapy practice before and my current shamanic work?
Before, I helped people retake control of their lives so that they could be happy ; now, I liberate the crystallized energy within them and I help them to abandon themselves to Life that expresses itself through them, thus bringing them happiness and harmony.

Another example:

A woman who was just raped and who was going to a psychologist to heal from her traumatic event found herself after a few months, indeed years, in a state of survival, adapted to the world : she had worked through her aggression and it gave her a bit of freedom, but the energetic charge still present in her body pushed her to buy can of mace, a Doberman et to take karate classes. Whoever approached her a little too closely was suspect, in the name of the belief that « all physical contact is dangerous », or « if someone touches me it’s to attack me ». However, to live well, the body as an organ needs to be touched, caressed, and nourished with tenderness. And this need will no longer be met because even if the person thinks s/he is free from his/her belief, that remains a lure as long as the traumatic event is inscribed in the cellular memory via the hidden emotions ; she will accept the caress, but won’t abandon herself to it.

According to my energetic shamanic approach, and following the physics principle that action equals reaction, if she was attacked it was that she had a form of violence in her. This could come from the fact that not knowing how to put limits in her own life, this incapacity is lived out as a form of violence towards herself. If she doesn’t know how to impose limits, it’s because she experienced events that have broken her in this spot and for which she was never able to liberate her emotions, her feelings (humiliation, lack of love, abandon, anger). So, I will look in her body for the places where the emotions have crystallized attaching themselves to humiliation (or anger…) of having had to submit to an exterior force, the humiliation of rape being only a reminder of a much older humiliation. And when I find it, by a principle of mediumnity that I don’t really know how to explain, I will I put movement back in this area and free the suppressed emotions. Once the emotions are expressed, the slate is clean. No more action, so no more reaction. The person refinds her joie de vivre, the event is erased from her body memory, the beliefs disappear, and she can again enjoy the pleasure of physical contact, caresses…//…»


The objective of the « Rituael Process » training is not to teach a technique with a diploma in hand, but to learn how to navigate around your shadow, to recognize the illusion of its projections, to liberate oneself from repression, to refind contact with the instincts and divine nature, to get back into touch with Spirit and to meet one’s essence so that all of the individual talents can emerge and reveal your spiritual mission. The training will offer you the chance to conquer the capacity for autonomous transformation in order to pass through expressions of life (contraction/expansion) in serenity and personal safety.

Not a way of Doing more, but a transformational and revelatory process of Being. A process by which modern psychological knowledge will interact with ancient practices with links to primitive spiritual traditions : Jungian archetypes, trance, percussion and ethnic instruments, power animals, connection to the forces of nature, initiation rituals, Biodanza…

As soon as an individual comes into contact with his/her essence and talents supported by Spirit with an impulsion by the instincts, his/her power of being transcends, whatever the technique learned. On the contrary, and particularly in the arena of personal development, many people learn many techniques without ever daring to go deeper to meet their being ; these are hollow interventions that do little for those who make the attempt..

Training program

« Initiation is to discover and follow the tracks of a wolf called Time
Carlos Buby

The Rituael Process training takes place over the course of three years, with 3 workshops a year (generally 5 days) mainly in France and in Belgium. Those invited to come share their wisdom are above all those who have lived out their path of the heart in a human fashion, independent of their art ( mastering an art does not guarantee transformation of Being).

This initiatory type of teaching inducing spontaneous awareness will be in accordance with the numerous experiences proposed. True awareness is not a new idea that pops into ones mind one day, but a new body reaction/sensation that manifests change, an «awareness» that you can put words to afterwards.

The proposed program is inspired by diverse traditions, of diverse forms, leaning towards universality in transformation.

It consists of the following workshops :

The Sacred Labyrinth : Learn to travel within your shadow, to discover your repressions, to face and transcend unconscious truth.

This workshop proposes to awaken conscious awareness of our vision of the unconscious world, of our “labyrinth” that limits our life and generates repetition of certain painful experiences.

We create a subjective interior representation of the world which welcomes us from our first days on earth, a kind of road map, a symbolic model, from which we will henceforth interact with the outside world. This construction, that becomes elaborated with the passing of our life experiences, conditions our daily life in a more or less happy fashion but also depends on whether the stress has been put on the happy or the unhappy experiences.

As much as this life map is inescapable and permits us to advance in life, its nature is subjective and incomplete (a map is only miniature representation of reality). It will, therefore, limit our choices and condition our reactions. If our map is missing certain subtleties in area or another, it is going to generate without end painful experiences for us.

This is the labyrinth of our life. It sacred aspect lies in the fact that it guarantees our survival, and it is thus a kind of beacon for our path. So as to fulfill its mission (to guarantee our survival) even in discomfort, it protects itself in the subconscious, sheltered from all wildcat modification.

To “correct” this map, it must be brought to the conscious mind, in the light of day, despite all of the resistance that the subconscious is going to create.

By writing a metaphorical tale, this workshop proposes to bring to consciousness this life map and understand how it generates repetition. Then with sacred percussion, dances, shamanic trance, power animals, we are going to awaken the archaic connection to the source of life to go beyond our fears, feed the life map and permit its development so as to be able to offer ourself new choices of routes to take in life.

In summary, we propose to you:

• to bring to consciousness your model of the unconscious world;
• to realize that it is this very model that makes your daily world react as it does and is responsible for the incessant repetition of your experiences day after day;
• to discover that this model, as uncomfortable as it may seem, protects you from existential wounding around which it is built and prohibits your from reanimation of self;
• to feed your life with love, to surround yourself with kindness and support, to open up to compassion for self;
• to confront ones’ shadow, our im-printed wounds and dare to ex-press the grief and dissipate them forever more;
• to let this freed light enlighten your world with a new flash so that new spaces open up for you.

The workshop will finish with a ritual of liberation and a welcome ceremony by the community.

The Medicine Wheel : Dissolve crystallized emotional charges.

Based on the Amerindian vision of the world, will plunge the participant into the heart of his/her repressed emotions so as to heal his/her most intimate wounds and liberate the soul. Throughout this collective ritual, the affective safety net and the profound links created in the group will permit each person to discover, accept and illuminate his/her existential shadow.

All healing is birthed from the mobilization of two energies: the yang which gives us courage to confront the original causes of the problem (action) and the yin which helps us gently confront our pain and abandon ourself to Life’s mending forces.

The Sacred Labyrinth corresponds to the yang phase, the Medicine Wheel to the yin phase.

The Emergence of Essence : To search for one’s light, to tame it, to open expression for it, to recognize it and be nourished from it – to connect with the archetypal forces of creation.

The Quest of Unity : Sexual Identity - the cosmic function of man/woman – rehabilitation of man/woman differences, the essence of one, the essence of the other – encounter with matter, the body, incarnation.

The Destiny of Man : Rituals and rites of passage to encounter the masculine essence – the Warrior of Light, the union of all masculine forms- beyond the cultural roles that man is generally associated with and to give impulse to the destiny for which we are responsible.

The Mystery of Woman: Rituals and rites of passage to encounter the feminine essence- the Great Goddess, the union of all feminine forms- beyond cultural roles that woman are generally associated with and to render in love the mystery that we have within us.

Sacred Sexuality : Welcome sexual energy in its sacred dimension - marriage of the profane and sacred - rehabilitate the right to pleasure, to eroticism, and the power of self creation - connection to light and fire.

Dance of the Orishas : Connection to the archetypal forces of nature and encounter their divinity-trip to Brazil.

Reconnection to Origin (of humanity): Reconnection to Mother Earth, rehabilitation of the Ancestors - trip to South Africa

Existential Flight : Leave all fears and limitations behind received from past education in order to leap forward into the future with audacity and faith in our essence.


Each step of the Rituael Process training must be supported and welcomed by the community. The public, friends, families, are therefore, cordially invited to share a meal and party with all of the participants the last day of each workshop.

The strong connection to life, the human ethic and the high level of consciousness that develops between the participants such a process permits them to mutually support the path of their transformation. However, individual assistance may be necessary during the period of time between the workshops.

The progressive succession of the diverse workshops proposed will permit the acquisition and mastering of different levels of individual transformation through experimentation and thus the rediscovery of interior unity with a connected consciousness.

With the exception of a few workshops (notably the Medicine Wheel, Sacred Sexuality,…) the workshops are accessible by theme to those who would like to attend.

Contact us to obtain the schedule for each module : (Tél: + 32 67 33 60 85   - - or

A didactic training in ritual process transformation is equally proposed for therapists who would benefit. It takes place at the end of the program and is accessible to therapists having participated in all of the modules.

At various workshops rites of passage for children will be added, marking the passage from childhood to adulthood.

Sharing network

A network of sharing will prove to be an opportunity to initiate a humane experience of mutual accompaniment of the workshop participants in their transformation between workshop trainings.

We all need qualification, support, and motivation to advance. If we have all around us a group of people who live, like us, profound transformations, that are on the path of authenticity and who, by their presence and their listening, say to us : « We see what you are going through ! We believe in you ! We are part of the human family and we are waiting to see your essence emerge so that you can offer your gifts! », this will boost us into self-realization!

In order to guarantee a spiritual dimension, the sharing network, unlike verbal therapeutic circles, will be done in a ritual framework. The gathering, which will be freely organized by the participants, will be done with respect to the rules and values on which the Rituael Process is founded.


So as to permit contact between participants, exchange ideas, propose sharing meetings, organizing car rides, housing a forum will exist, exclusively reserved to the participants of the Rituael Process.

Ritual Welcome

All primitive people have known forever: a community can only prosper and survive if each of its members manages to express his/her full potential. It is, therefore, in the community’s interest to support its members. Each individual brings forth something the community needs. The behaviour of each person towards the others must be founded on the desire to encourage each individual to develop his/her essence and innate gifts. It’s this vertical link to the mysterious that is missing in all groups found in the Western culture and in psychotherapeutic activities.

This lack will be compensated for at the end of each Rituael Process workshop with a community welcome ritual. Everyone is cordially invited to come celebrate the end of an initiative work that a group started 5 days previously. The presence of the public will attest to the sovereignty of each participant as well as the authenticity of transformation experienced by each. And the public will be nourished by the exceptional energy emanating from the transformation of each participant.

Everyone wins and we hope that each leaves with a more enlightened consciousness with its implications and influence on the world to which s/he belongs.

Concrete Details...

In order to realize the full potential of these workshops for the benefit of the larger community, we will host several fundraising events, organized by the workshop participants, to defray the costs of the trips required for the modules involving voyage to Brazil and South Africa.

Your support team accompanying you throughout the whole process....

Maria Verhulst Has a bachelor’s in business and finance, NLP Master Practitioner, trained in hypnosis, psychodrama, theatre therapy, psychopathology and director of the Biodanza School SRT in Soignies, Belgium, creator of "path of transformation & consciousness through Biodanza". She has been initiated in spiritual trance and healing and is passionate about shamanic dance.

Philippe Lenaif is an engineer, NLP Master Practitioner, trained in hypnosis, and Director of the Biodanza School of Soignies, Belgium. Musician, singer, initiated as a sacred percussionist in the spiritual tradition of the Umbanda of Brazil, he is passionate about shamanic trance and healing.

He is the author of « Naissance d’un Chaman », « J’ai Dansé avec mon Ombre » and « Explorations chamaniques » (Souffle d’Or editions) and gives conferences around the world. He has facilitated courses, workshops and sessions on Shamanism and Biodanza in Belgium, France, England, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Ireland, Turkey and South Africa. He is an original member of the group Ethnic Pulse