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Cycle of Initiation for Women


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Saturday 21st May 2016
Bij Sarah Mareels
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The Cycle of Initiation for Women is an Initiation ritual for women involved in their transformation process

When we are able to fully accept all aspects of our nature, when we are able to welcome all parts of ourselves with happiness, then we are at peace and live in harmony in our hearts and souls.

When our instinctive, affective, cognitive and sacred dimensions are lived in a dissociated way, we unavoidable develop psychological and biological imbalances.

The very goal of our evolution is however the integration of more parts of our true being, in favor of more health, more life and more harmony with ourselves, others and with the world around us.

This process of the integration of our identity starts well before birth and continues to work in a consistent way as we go through key events in our life (birth, adolescence, life with a partner, becoming a parent, becoming a grandparent, …)

Our psychological structure includes repressed emotions and intense impulses that come to the surface at each of these life cycles which are in fact crises of evolution and which are both necessary and beneficial. The way the resurfacing of these emotions and impulses will be experienced will determine our personality and our identity structure.

With a lot of wisdom, the old civilizations or non-industrialized societies proposed to canalize these crucial phases in a manner that was favorable for the psychological balance of the individual as well as for the social balance of the community.

For example, the transition from childhood to adolescence, then to adulthood, was accompanied by initiations where the elderly guided the younger ones to a more profound knowledge of intimacy, sexuality, the Sacred, thus permitting them to discover the power of their sexual nature and the bond that links them to the others.

By ritualizing the life-steps by means of communal processes such as the rites of passage, these societies allowed the individuals to encounter the sacred dimension of their being and of life and most importantly preserved its members from the act of repressing emotions and impulses, which is at the base of psychological imbalances.

The development of science and technology has caused a shift in society, based on the development of the “being”, united with nature and accompanied by the community, towards an industrial society based on “assets” and thus inexorably its corollary which is individualism.

This modern life style also is the cause of new dissociations of the being and thus of existential crises, psychological imbalances. Above all, the disappearance of the Rites of passage is the root cause of identity disorders characteristic of our time, as there are things that knowledge will never be able to apprehend.

This also applies when it comes to the mystery of the woman. The feminine nature cannot be described nor explained in a cognitive way. She reveals herself, she flourishes like an offering at the heart of the soul of every woman. She needs to be welcomed by woman in order to reveal herself and flourish with authenticity.

In order to facilitate this revelation and to assure indispensable monitoring in discovering, contacting, transforming and being reborn to the true nature of the woman during the rite of passage, I propose to you a cycle of initiation consisting of the following workshops :

• Workshops Women’s Earth (2 x 2.5 days)

• Woman Nature (2 days)

• Initiation ritual for women (preparation for the rites of passage) (2.5 days)

• Rite of passage (4 days in Africa)

These workshops are conducted by Maria Verhulst
Initiated to mediumnic trance, to shamanic healing and dance – educated in psychodrama and theatre therapy – Specialization in psychopathology – Humanistic NLP Master Practitioner – Didactic teacher in Biodanza – Director of the Biodanza School RTS of Soignies – Creator “Path of transformation and consciousness through Biodanza” – Speaker – Co-creator of the Rituael Process in Europe, Africa and Latin America.

Please do not hesitate to contact us about the dates of the next rituals.

Email: Tel: +3267336085

All sculptures displayed on this site have been made by a female artist, sculptor and art –therapist, Catherine Desvallées:

The workshops Women’s Earth

Mother Earth

In numerous cultures, the Earth is a metaphor for the woman. The earth receives all that live and die. She is the vessel that allows all living beings to be carried, fed, to be born. She supports the steps of their blossoming. It is within her that the sources are born, it is on her that waters pass, winds blow and fires lean.

By her alchemistic force, the Earth welcomes also what dies and transforms it slowly into a new cycle of life. She passes on her wisdom and life secrets to all who have the humility to surrender themselves to her and in doing so receive.

We too possess this inner knowledge of the alchemist force that inhabits us but it is more frequently put to the service of others rather than ourselves.

By her receptive nature, the woman often instinctively takes care of others and because of her identity woundsshe does this while disregarding her own wounded heart as well as her own body, container of all her emotions.

It is however impossible to care and to give that which is not rooted in ourselves.

Our first function is thus to accept ourselves, to let our lives, our projects, our creations bear fruit and to transmit our knowledge from woman to woman, as did the women of the generations that preceded us.

In order to be reborn to all our feminine abilities, the only ones that guarantee a harmonious and balanced life, the cycle of workshops “Women’s Earth” put forward :

Our earth is our body. In order for us to blossom as women, we need to re-establish the bond with our body, since it is the foundation of our identity and the container of our unconscious past.

The inhibition and denial of instinct being the source of all neurosis, we need to rediscover our body, accept it, cherish it with tenderness and to allow it to give itself up (abandoning itself) to pleasure.

The stakes of desiring are not high, but to go from desire to pleasure, make it blossom and taste its joys with authenticity seems a lot less easy since it asks us to accept not only our sensual and erotic feminine side, but also our animal and instinctive side.

A Path from the heart of our interiority towards

Each of us can anchor our new Earth, and together make it Women’s Earth.

NB: The workshops Women’s Earth belong to a cycle of initiation for women.

The workshops to promote the concept of Women’s Earth can be organized by other women in their region, if they wish to do so (please contact me for more information) in order to contribute together to this era of our history that demands for the unfolding of the feminine qualities of transformation.

Module I : Friday 1th April - 19h to Sunday 3rd April 2016 - 18h30
Module II : Friday 6th May - 19h to Sunday 8 May 2016 - 18h30

Venue: Meeuwenveen  - 7971 PK  Havelte
Price: 210€/Module - without lodging
More info:
Email : – Tél : + 32 (0)67 33 60 85


"Owing to the workshops I was able to experience how endless the development  possibilities for women are, it's very “morish”! I have also been affected by the importance of “Sisterhood”, to be part of a society in which everybodies power and vulnerabilities are supported and strengthened. It is a gift to be able to change from girl into woman under the leadership of such a fine and powerful woman. And in a way that has been lost in our society." Anneke

Pff to say in just a few sentences what the weekends have brought me is not possible. The only thing I can say is when you are on the look out of who you really are, if you want to get rid of the patterns you are living with  and you want to discover your real self, then you cannot miss these weekends." Marianne

"Both workshops have caused a great breakthrough in my proces. I can recommend them to everybody. Which words can you give them? Choose from: become aware, live, wisdom, solidarity, humour, powerful rituals, healing, growth, liberation/freedom, integration, womanhood.  These are just a pick. After and in between the workshops  you are not alone. It's possible to go to the women's forum to share and to follow other women in their process. Maria also shares and gives feedback. A warm/close circle of women who want to grow and to support each other in this proces. Wonderful! " Nanne

"Maria knows exactly how to touch the right chord,  to put the finger on  the right spot. The subjects she discusses and the dance experiences touch the unconsience. After her workshops certain patterns cannot function any longer. There is real change(constant and balanced/firm). Women's Earth has given me so much clarity about the relationship man/woman that I am experiencing  less trouble in my relationship (less fighting) . That saves a lot of energy.
I learned that she is honest, sincere and involved.  She speaks about her own experiences and her professional schooling. She is connected to wise women and knows what she is doing and.... “small in statue, but great in deeds”.
Questions about being-a-woman which I was confronted with and which I figured out myself (Western women have to find out by themselves)were discussed in the workshops. Experienced wisdom; Feminity is allowed. She gives feedback, directs you into the movement patterns of your daily life.
When Maria is in The Netherlands I'll go and see her, no matter what kind of workshop she gives, convinced that she will put more steps of development in my life" Inge

Woman Nature- Biodanza workshop

In his article “Biocentric Vision : an education to life”, Rolando Toro Araneda, creator of the Biodanza System® leaves us a valuable lesson on the role of the feminine principle in the transmission of culture, affectivity and spirituality.

“…//… The subtle discrimination of women in our civilisation today is based on a paradox: we recognize her maternal role - as the giver of life and nourishment. We equally acknowledge her expressive qualities, as well as her erotic enchantment. These qualities are real and essential.

There are however two aspects of womanhood that we often ignore and which we do not accept: woman as the figure who passes on the values and models of life by providing continuity to the affective culture of the group.
The other ability of woman, of which we are generally unaware, is her spiritual function which manifests itself solely in the fact that she carries the soul.
On a medieval engraving, introduced by Carl Jung, woman appears as a goddess of nature who occupies the whole of the universe. By means of a chain in her left hand, she is connected to man, who is in the centre, whilst her right hand is connected to the hand of God.

Symbolically, the man would only be able to reach transcendence via woman-nature… //….”

When somebody is entrusted with a spiritual function, but is unable to pass it on, he/she implodes on a psychological level, whereas on the spiritual level, the soul seems to wander.

In essence, woman is the creator of life and possesses the divine power of the gifts of love, patience and compassion. Nevertheless, the ability to give love requires having overcome dependency, narcissism, the desire to exploit… and to have acquired faith in her own capabilities. If these qualities have not been acquired, the woman is afraid to give of herself and thus to love.

In order to be reborn to all our feminine abilities, the only abilities that guarantee a harmonious and balanced life, this women-only workshop invites us to:

Saturday evening : Ritual of reconnection and reconciliation with the line of women in your family. Women desiring to allow the ritual to work more deeply are invited to stay overnight.

This workshop is open to all women, with or without biodanza experience. However, you will benefit more from it having participated in some weekly biodanza classes beforehand.The most important requirement is the desire to (re)live your uniqueness, kindly supported by an initiation ritual amongst women.

Cost: 160 (payment before ????), after 180 - without accommodation

Dates in FRANCE :
Samedi 30 9h au dimanche 31 janvier 17h30 2016
vendredi 29 janvier - cercle de partage

Lieu : Moulin des Cherottes   - 27240 Damville
+ d'info  : email : - Tél: +32 67 33 60 85

Saturday, 4th 9 am and Sunday 6th November 2016 - 5:30 pm
Meeuwenveen  - 7971 PK  Havelte
More info - Email : – Tél : + 32 (0)67 33 60 85

Initiation ritual for women

Preparation for the Rite of passage for women.

The rites of passage allow the revelation of the instinctive and sacred nature of our sexual identity and so aim at the stabilization and internal blooming of femininity/masculinity. By these rites, each one is more able to have her/his identity reference points, necessary for psychological construction, balance and evolution.

The foundation itself of the rite of passage is a process of death-rebirth that rests on a shamanistic view considering the whole of life as a sacred act. As all elements of nature, the female/male identity consists of the totality of shadow and light of the Being.

A rite of passage allows us also to encounter “our shadow” in the Jungian sense of the word and to integrate these difficult elements of the personality.

In the West, because of a very mental and intellectualized education, favoring objects and consumption goods over the “bond”, women and men have disconnected themselves from their instinctive forces as well as from their nature, the one being yin, the other yang.

By essence, the woman is the creator of life and possesses the divine power of the gift of love, patience and compassion. Nevertheless, the ability to give love requires having overcome dependency, narcissism, the desire to exploit… and to have acquired faith in her own capabilities. If these qualities have not been acquired, the woman is afraid to give of herself and thus to love.

The rite of passage offers equally the opportunity to each one of us to release the vice of our fears and feelings instead of repressing them and to engage in opening the heart to connect with the Sacredof the other who completes us; the Yang and the masculine.

Our adventure will be supported by rituals, dance, trance, contact with nature, the Ancestors, Biodanza.

Let’s get together to experience this preparation for the Rite of passage for women which will be held later on.

In all traditions, the initiation took place when the person was perceived as mature enough to understand the importance of the rites and to guard its secrets. The explanations thus end here…

Prerequisite :
To have participated in the workshops Women’s Earth and Woman Nature

Cost: 210 - without accommodation

Visit the heading TEMOIGNAGES (testimonials) for comments from participants

Rite of passage

Prerequisite :
To have participated in the workshops Women’s Earth, Woman Nature as well as the Initiation Ritual for women.

The Rite of passage will be held in Africa